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Public Diplomacy

We are strong advocates of non-traditional “people-to-people” diplomacy. We complement the work of professional diplomats and engage non-political audiences on our client’s behalf. Increasingly, the media, the business sector and culture shape the way people of one country or region sees its neighbors. We understand this power and focus client resources on these key points of influence.

Working with governments, NGOs and others, we identify our client’s cultural, political, historical, and commercial connections to target countries and leverage these areas of common ground to promote deep understanding and friendship. This reservoir of goodwill between nations is essential to achieving long-term policy objectives in a changing world.

Government Relations

BLJ Worldwide has long-standing contacts with leading policymakers and senior politicians around the world, and an intimate understanding of what motivates policy-makers. We provide strategic guidance to organizations on how to position themselves and communicate with government-based audiences.

Reputation Management

The always-on, always-connected media landscape of the 21st century means that the course of global events can change your public image in a click. Building and maintaining a positive reputation and image are powerful strategic tools and effective insurance policies should your organization be thrust into the forum of public opinion.

BLJ Worldwide has the experience and structure to identify, manage and respond to fast-moving and potentially volatile situations through a dedicated team of crisis communication specialists.